We asked fans to show us their Disney Side on Vine and boy, did they! We got a bunch of great videos.
Our daily winners each received $1,000 and our grand prize winner received a Disney Parks vacation
plus $10,000 to create an extended Vine series. Gawrsh!

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The winning vine

Join us in congratulating our grand prize winner, E-Dubz! Be sure to follow Disney Parks on Vine to see more from E-Dubz!

And thanks to everyone who showed us their Disney Side!


Here's the crème de la Disney Side crème. Oh yeah, and they won $1,000 bucks!

Group 1 of 5


We invited a few friends who know a thing or two about making great Vine videos to join us in choosing the winners. Check ‘em out.

Brittlestar @brittlestar

I write songs and books and I'm that voice from that thing.
Stratford, ON

Meagan Cignoli @meagancignoli

Photographer | Director
New York City

Pinot @pinot

Indonesian father of Neverland family. Believe in dream, graphic design and Apple.
Kuwait City, Kuwait

Nick Confalone @nickconfalone

Trying to be good dad in 6 seconds or less.

Yelldesign @yelldesign

Bring me good design and buffalo mozzarella.
Fitzroy, Melbourne

Rob Johnston @robjohnston

Verified try hard. Unverified viner. Living the Pittsburgh dream.
Pittsburgh, PA

Jethro Ames @jethroames

Art Director. Viner. Tribeca Film Fest Winner.
San Diego, CA

Ummmheather @ummmheather

I draw cartoons & also Vine obviously.
Los Angeles, CA

Chloe Rice @chloerice

Photographer. Doodler. Gene Kelly movie enthusiast.
Oakland, CA

Eh Bee @ehbee

6-Second Fun For All Ages.

Beginning of dialog

What’s your Disney Side? It’s the side you simply can’t wait to share. It’s the side of you that laughs more, screams more, and just plain lives life to the fullest. It’s the side of you that comes out to play the moment you and your family step through the gates of a Disney theme park.

End of dialog